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Charm Glowing Mermaid Pendant Necklace Luminous Jewelry Choker 3 Colors Gift For Women Silver Necklace Fashion Chain


Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Chain Type: Water-wave chain
Material: Zinc Alloy
Style: Trendy
Applicable Gender: Unisex
Chain Length:About 45cm
Pendant Size:2.5*3.4cm
Colour: Show in Picture
Feature: Luminous


All you need is luminous  is  beautiful  jewelry!                                              

Every girl wants to be resplendent . She wants to attract attention to herself, to her appearance both during the day and at night. Girls always dream of being special and unique. And luminous jewelry can help. With them, you will definitely stand out from the crowd, always shine in the dark and attract the attention of men. With our jewelry, you will definitely cause the envy of your friends.

In the USA there are many holidays, federal and local, ethnic and religious. Americans celebrate New Year noisily, celebrations begin in the evening – with the wires of the old year. At midnight after the ringing of bells, fireworks explode, and glasses are filled with champagne.

Some states have New Year parades. Most Americans make plans for the coming year, this is called New Year’s resolutions. One of Americans’ favorite days is Martin Luther King Day. He is also called a black citizen. On this day, you can not hear about him, because on TV and on the radio constantly show his interviews. Americans love this man very much and love this holiday. Also important is the holiday, the so-called Groundhog Day, some call it a day of national freedom. Traditionally, the animal will crawl out of the hole after a long hibernation and if it sees its shadow, unfortunately spring will not be soon, it will need to conceive it, but if it happens that it does not see, all is well spring is already going.

In general, many reasons to wear our jewelry and be beautiful.

Are you crazy about fashion? Follow her along with luminous  jewelry, thanks to them you will stand out in fashion week in New York. High-profile brands, famous designers and leading fashion models are what attracted the attention of New Yorkers and numerous tourists. Be in the starry ranks.

Luminous bracelets are perfect for your chic look on Mardi Grass. Mardi Gras, is one of the most ambitious and colorful carnivals in the world. It marks the end of the “omnivorous week” and the beginning of Lent, celebrate it before Ash Wednesday. This tradition has been preserved in many countries since ancient times. Hurry  to be beautiful.

Luminous  jewelry will complement all your  looks.  It does not matter whether it is an ordinary outing, or a first date, or perhaps a grand festival. Such earrings are suitable for any lady. They will look very nice  with  an evening dress, a business suit, and even with casual attire.

Pendants are a jewel that many women love. They always remain fashionable. They look better than a necklace, more elegant and more adorn you and the main thing is fashionable. If you choose the right pendant you will give your image extraordinary power, it will not be completely ignored. They look impressive, but very democratic. You need to choose such things carefully. They have to match the feminine style, complement her image. This year the chain with laconic minimalist pendants is trending. It is fashionable to wear several jewelry on chains of different length. They are also worn on ribbons that are tied by the bow. Strict geometric shapes and animal products remain trendy. Pendants are very popular with American women. We have repeatedly noticed similar accessories in photos for celebrating a festival or holiday.

In a country where national holidays are traditionally celebrated with unanimity and scope, such an important date as Independence Day could not but take its place of honor on the calendar. For more than two hundred years, festivities dedicated to the country’s birthday as a free state have been held in the United States. On such a holiday you cannot be in second place. Of course, our jewelry will help you in this. There are so many of them. for example you can wear a bracelet, earrings, pendants, a ring. You will shine with them even at the end of the holiday, when you are all tired you will remain a star of the streets.

There are also many luminous decorations on the legs. For example, a bracelet will add elegance to your leg. many men really like this accessory. Imagine how you will harmoniously look at festivals and holidays with such shining accessories.

Every year, an international gathering of evil spirits takes place on October 31, immediately after dark. It is on the night of November 1 that Halloween is celebrated all over the world, dressing up as witches and ghouls, putting on masks of the dead and vampires and walking in this form along the streets or dancing in nightclubs.

This famous holiday is popular in the US and Canada and is also popularly celebrated in the UK, France, Germany, Australia and Japan. Every year in Ukraine, more and more people have embraced this tradition of celebrating the day of death, despite the fact that this holiday is not religiously permitted and has not been historically associated with our country. For us it is just an occasion to wear costumes and have fun, but for Europeans it is a tradition.

On this day, we can become who we want. You can find and dress various interesting costumes and jewelry, make a beautiful or scary makeup. Many people choose fabulous characters, movie characters or zombies.

What is a Halloween? How to celebrate it? On this day it is customary to decorate their apartments, offices, shops, salons in black and red colors. Also, do not forget to choose a very scary suit, the scarier it is, the better. Because you are commemorating death. Many people have a fair amount of profit from this holiday, because they are introducing new ideas for this day just to make more money.

Children keep up with adults. They love this holiday too. That day, they are allowed everything. Kids can dress up in different costumes, paint, feast, and demand from neighbors for sweets. Many smear the door handle with soot, thus avenging children for their sometimes bad delights. Mostly children are fed and served with candy or pies. This is how people want to appease the dead so that they do not bother them.

Your image for this unusual holiday needs our jewelry. How can you be a witch without a luminous pendant, or how you can play a beautiful dead woman without perfect earrings or pendants. I can’t imagine your image without something unusual. And this will be our favorite jewelry. You are the queen with them How can you forget about Valentine’s Day? On this wonderful holiday, you can show your love for your girlfriend by giving her the perfect bracelet or pendant or pendant or bracelet on her leg or ring that glows in the dark. This unusual gift will appeal to everyone.

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Blue, Green, Lite Blue


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